Some PULP ATLAS production shots from Matt Coors!

Check out his work on his site.  And if you act quick you can pick up one of his beautiful prints when you donate to the Pulp Atlas Indiegogo campaign!  

Thanks to pulpatlas for posting some production photos of the artist’s book I’ve created for their series of exhibitions.  You still have time to check out the Indiegogo campaign linked above!  You can even pick up a print by yours truly if you donate!



Only 7 more days to contribute to the PULP ATLAS Indiegogo campaign!

The Philadelphia show has already opened at the Free Library!

The Scotland show opens at the Library at Hospitalfield House this week!

The LA one-night event is at The Last Bookstore on October 16th!

Needles & Pens and the San Jose Public Library are hosting us in November!

Things are happening!  But, to really make the most of our shows and get the books where they need to be we need your help! Please check out our Indiegogo campaign and consider donating to our project.  There are some fantastic prints, zines, and art objects waiting for you as a reward!

I’m proud to be included in this series of artist’s book exhibitions, alongside a great group of other artists!  Please follow the PulpAtlas tumblr, and check out the Indiegogo campaign that will help fund the shows!